How to deal with post-hookup regret?

Most of us are lucky or unfortunate, have had at least one hook up relationship with one person in our lifetime, and then regret it. All you want is to let time go back and let yourself stop hooking up to prevent future regrets.

Maybe you just hooked up with someone you like, but that hookup is terrible, and now you regret having one night hookup with them. Regret after a date is the worst feeling, but you have to face it.

A new study on dealing with regrets provides a lot of information and is also interesting about hook up apps. The researchers point out that in most cases, women are more likely to regret sexual behavior  that does not develop into a relationship, and men are more likely to regret not having random sexual activity when they hookup. As we just mentioned, dealing with hookup regrets is an annoying feeling, which is also the worst feeling. You can find this on free hook up sites.

Even if you are willing to have a one night hookup with her, you may still be less satisfied with your choice in the cold. Regret and change of ideas in the middle are two different things. This sense of indulging will accompany you for hours, days, or even months, depending on how long you choose to indulge yourself in. So, how do you deal with the regrets?

Bad sexual encounter is just a bad apple, maybe there is a better apple outside, but how do you know until you take a bite? So, relax, pat your back, at least you try to get your hunger got satisfied, even though you feel disgusting after a meal. If you have experienced the feeling of "killing me" after random sexual encounter, please read the following.

Yes, important things should be done first. It may sound ridiculous, but taking a shower does help. Remorse will make you feel that you will be able to let go immediately, just like you can't admit it at all. A shower can do this. It allows you to wash away all the sins you have just committed or you can believe that way. Moreover, hot baths are always relaxing, and we welcome this warmth, which allows us to forget all the shortcomings.

Don't be embarrassed
Whether the person you hooked up with becomes an uncontrolled bastard or you just later discover emotional or sexual rejection, the way you try to meet your desire is not slutty or shameful at all. Judging yourself will never make things better. So cheer up and try to move on. Just know that you are beautiful, smart, charismatic, super fun, but not a slut!

Cry, baby
Ok, you can waste some time crying. Not that it helps you a lot, but you can give it a try. If you are completely hooked up, then vent it. Ignore your feelings and pushing them backwards will only increase your sense of guilt. So let it out. Cry out loud, scream on the pillow, or do anything useful to you.